Upcoming Events

Workshop: Analysing Dichotomous Data using IRTTBCTBCTBC
Workshop: Item Writing for Personality TestTBCTBCTBC
Workshop: Applied Data Analysis using R- Intermediate LevelTBCTBCTBC
Workshop: Introduction to Structural Equating ModellingTBCTBCTBC
Workshop: Applied Data Analysis using R- Introductory LevelDr. Haniza Yon6 February 2020Wisma Suria, Cyberjaya
Workshop: A Hands-on Introduction to Rasch Measurement ModelDr. Mohd Zali Mohd Nor12 October 2019Lake Club, Putrajaya
Malaysia Psychometrics Symposium 2019-3 July 2019Institut Integriti Malaysia
Psychology & Counseling Day for Public Services for Government of Sarawak.Dr. Haniza Yon26-27 Nov 2018Pullman Kuching, Sarawak
mystarjob.com Fair 2018Ms. Kok Mun Yee represented Mdm President17-18 Nov 2018KL Convention Centre
Talent Summit 2018 - Future of Talent ManagementDr. Haniza Yon19 September 2018JW Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur
MPA 7th Annual General Meeting-26 April 2018Putrajaya
TIMSS International Conference 2019 1st Secretariat Meeting ~ Co-organisers: RECSAM, UUM, MPA-12 April 2018SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang
Workshop:Practical Multi-Faceted Rasch ScalingDr. Haniza Yon27 March 2018Putrajaya
Workshop:Practical Rasch AnalysisDr. Haniza Yon26 March 2018Putrajaya
Workshop: Introduction to Multi-Faceted Rasch ScalingDr. Haniza Yon & Dr. Rense Lange (invited speaker)3 March 2018Putrajaya
Workshop: Introduction to Rasch AnalysisDr. Haniza Yon & Dr. Rense Lange (invited speaker)1 March 2018Putrajaya
Workshop: Setting Standards and Reporting ResultsDr. Haniza Yon10 September 2017Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur
MPA 6th Annual General Meeting-28 April 2017MIMOS Berhad
Event: Malaysia Psychometrics Symposium 2017Dr. Haniza Yon11 April 2017MIMOS Berhad
Workshop: Analysing Dichotomous Data using IRTDr. Haniza YonTBAMIMOS Berhad
Workshop: Analysing Dichotomous Data using RaschDr. Haniza YonTBAMIMOS Berhad
Workshop: Item Analysis using CTT and IRTTBATBATBA
Workshop: Introduction to Multidimensional IRTTBATBATBA
Workshop: Item Writing for Personality TestsTBATBATBA
Workshop: Assessment Design and Analysis using RTBATBATBA
Event: National Consultation for the development of two (2) Malaysian Standard based on ISO 10667-1 and ISO 10667-2TCO/3 Psychometric Technical Committee MembersDecember 1, 2016MIMOS Berhad
Workshop: Introductory Latent Trait AnalysisDr. Haniza YonOctober 30, 2016Universiti Utara Malaysia
Workshop: Introductory to Analysing Dichotomous & Polytomous Data using IRTDr. Haniza YonOctober 30, 2016Universiti Utara Malaysia
MPA 5th Annual General Meeting-April 29, 2016MIMOS Berhad
Workshop: Many-Facet Rasch MeasurementDr. Haniza YonApril 24, 2016MIMOS Berhad
Workshop: Analysing Polytomous Data using IRTDr. Haniza YonOctober 25, 2015MIMOS Berhad
MPA 4th Annual General Meeting-April 24, 2015MIMOS Berhad
Seminar: Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease by Assessing Olfactory Abilities with the University of Pennsylvania Smell Identification TestDr. Rense Lange, USAMarch 26, 2015MIMOS Berhad
Seminar: Quality Control in Crowdsourcing: An Objective Measurement Approach to Identifying and Correcting Rater Effects in the Social Evaluation of Products and ServicesDr. Rense Lange, USAMarch 26, 2015MIMOS Berhad
Workshop: Introduction to Item Response TheoryDr. Haniza YonFebruary 14, 2015MIMOS Berhad